We have developed a CARE SELLING PROCESS that separates us from all other providers.  It’s more than products, it’s developing a culture and mindset in the store that enhances your clients’ experience, not just today and tomorrow when it’s easy, but 3, 4 and 5 years down the road.

Verification - WE CARE and TRUST
• Full information verification.
• Set up ALL needed documents.

The first conversation in F&I Office, “How was the Sales Process” – WE CARE
• Write it down.
• Ask for permission to share with the Dealer Principal.

Service Department Story – WE CARE and TRUST
• Sets up the Culture of the Dealership.

Show Transparency – BUILDS TRUST
• Fully explain the paperwork process.
• Discuss the importance of everything they will sign.

Sincere “Thank You” – WE CARE
• A sincere dialogue.

Proper Transition to Menu – WE CARE and TRUST
• “There are certain rights that are afforded to you when you purchase here at ABC Motors. And based on what other customers have told us, have provided them a positive ownership experience; not just today and tomorrow but 2, 3, 4 and 5 years down the road. We have packaged these programs together and made them an exceptional value to you, the first program …”

Proper Transition into a close – WE CARE
• Always acknowledge the client's concern FIRST.

Your closing statement will always be … “I tell you what, let’s do the Platinum Program today … the only thing I ask is the first time you have to use any of the programs …. And you will. You call me up or come in my office and tell me it worked exactly like I said … and give me three people that would be looking for the same positive ownership experience that you would be feeling at that time … You would do that for me right? … Great, let’s do the Platinum Program.

CARE Selling for Sales Leaders

• If you start it … you must continue it.
• Inspect what you expect.
• Same processes today as yesterday.
• Accountability.
• Measure what you expect.
• Coach as you hold to your expectations.

Goal Driven
• Show the direction.
• Understanding where we are going.

CARE Selling
• Redirects the culture at the store.
• Teach it … Live it … Believe it.

Daily Training
• Never miss a day, if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards.
• Builds a long term team.

• What you do, say and require from others must come from real commitment.
• Never be half in or half out … ALL in or stay home.

Be a Winner
• Except no excuses.
• If you don’t win … you have lost.

CARE Selling for Guest GURU


• Get your guest to the right department.
• Bring guest inside.
• Present welcome package.
• Explain the process and how we are different.
• Tell the Dealer's story.
• Explain how we prep our new and used vehicles.
• Why buy here.

• Offer refreshments.
• Use “consultation worksheet”.
• Uncover Guest goals.
• How much research has the Guest done and where.
• What allowed you the privilege of the visit and get the driving source.
• Determine type of vehicle and what’s important.
• Determine desired budget.

• Separate desired vehicle from inventory.
• Be specific on features and benefits disclosed in the consultation.
• Repeat our processes for new/used vehicles.

• Drive a specific route.
• Point desired features and benefits.
• Be descriptive on the ride, feel … show PRIDE of ownership.
• Always park in delivery lane or by service and explain that service will be doing final prep (cleaning) of their new vehicle.
• Conduct a service walk.

• The great thing there will be nothing to negotiate, if you have gained the Trust of your
guest through CARING.
• Guest signature.

• Reintroduce your guest to their new vehicle.
• Make sure you express the privilege you feel by them allowing you to attend to their car needs.
• Make sure the vehicle is clean and all details have been taken care of; while the customer is in Finance.
• Express our service department and to make sure they say hello when they visit the store.
• Call with any concerns they may have or better yet with friends that are looking for the same positive buying experience that respects the guests time and knowledge.

Follow Up
• Be sincere.
• Ask for others looking for the same positive buying experience you provided them.
• Talk about our service department.
• Invite guest back if they need any help or just want a cup of coffee.

It’s about the script. Not the same old tired words from the past, but a fresh approach to “today’s” buyer. Showing a customer how different you are and that you provide a caring touch to the process. Build trust that last a lifetime.


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